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Victims of Human Trafficking are in need of hope and long term care to prevent their re-victimization by providing comprehensive programs (medical, psychological, educational, housing and material assistance) with full respect and regard for their human rights. We can do this by collaborating, educating and gathering resources. 

Lynn Sanchez introduces Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

For over 13 years Lynn has worked to develop a comprehensive Human Trafficking Aftercare and Outreach Program to support victims, impact legislation, and ultimately work to create a world without human trafficking.

Mark Probasco, Assistant Attorney General, NMAG, shares information on how our laws can better protect victims of human trafficking crimes.

Maria Sanchez Gagne, District Court Judge and Life Link Board Member talks about the importance of "looking beneath the surface" with issues of human trafficking.

Ebony shares her powerful story of strength and resilience going from a victim of human trafficking to a survivor to a victim advocate.

Dallas Grassbaugh, CPSW, shares her experience as a victim, a survivor, and now a Victim Advocate Specialist for The Life Link and

Heather shares her story and experience with labor trafficking and how one person made a difference. She is now a Victim Advocate and Housing Manager for the Human Trafficking Aftercare and Outreach Program at The Life Link.

DeliverFund is an important partner for The Life Link Human Trafficking Aftercare Team

District Court Judge Maria Sanchez Gagna describes Labor Trafficking

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Human Trafficking Is

modern day slavery

exploiting a person thru force, exploitation and coersion

sex trafficking, forced labor and domestic servitude

happening everywhere

any person under the age of 18 involved in a commercial sex act

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