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Human Trafficking can be life threatening
Please call 911 if you see or suspect that someone is being trafficked

For help for yourself or someone else,
please call or text at (505) 438-3733

Available 24/7 and our team has the tools and resources to support you.
If you are an advocate who has been working with a victim, please fill out the form below to help us track the great work being done in New Mexico
Victim Contact Form
Victim Gender
Immigration Status
Type of Trafficking
Is the victim a suspected or confirmed victim?
Where was the victim trafficked?
Was the trafficking internet-related?
Did the trafficking occur in the past or is it still presently happening?
Is this person a sex worker?
Is law enforcement involved?
What types of advocacy/services are they currently needing? (check all that apply)
Does the victim have children?
Is there expected alcohol or drug use?
Is the person demonstrating suicidal or self-harming behavior?

Thanks for submitting!

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